Palace & Temples

A half day excursion from purity
by car visiting build-up history.

Rate: 4500 INR l 70 EURO
for a maximum of three people

Krishna Puram Palace
is 70 km south of purity.
Built in the 18th century by
the Travancore maharajas,
the palace is famous
for its woodwork and
mural paintings.
It is also home of a museum
on regional history.



The Mannarashala temple
is dedicated to the snake worship.
Owned privately by an ancestor family,
the priest or poojari is a lady.


Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple,
30 km south of purity,
is a large and lively
place of Hindu worship.
The temple complex is surrounded
by a complex of palaces,
all dedicated to Lord Krishna.